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February 27, 2011

DREAMS, TALENT,PURPOSE AND SKILLS DREAMS Everyone of us has a dream. We all have something we ever dream of. Things that we want to achieve within our for the purpose of this write up, let us have a definition of dream. The Oxford advanced learners dictionary has many definitions for dreams, which i'll take few for the purpose of this book or for the context of which I want us to put into consideration for our life's purpose. (1). Noun; a series of images , events and feelings ythat happen in your mind while you are asleep. (2). A wish to have or be something especially one that seems difficult to achieve ; e.g her life long dream is to be a writer. (3). A state of mind or situation in which things do not seem real or normal in Life. Now for the purpose of achieving our aim, we shall use the second definition which states that dream is a wish which everyone of us has to become something or do something to solve a problem at a particular situation or to do something for ones own benefit or for the benefit of others. Whewe came into this... [More]

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